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nurses computer software reporting system TTR INRINR Pro Reporting System© helps you generate powerful INR reports from your existing anticoagulation management software system. Say GOODBYE to cumbersome Excel spreadsheet reports or not being able to provide analysis to your physicians. Say HELLO to quick and easy charts, graphs and analysis by individual patient or across all patients, filtered by demographics, groups, lab, physician group and more.

Our system will provide you with:

  • Therapeutic Time in Range (TTR) reports calculated using traditional, cross-section and Rosendaal methods (and many other reports)
  • Unlimited reporting and data importing
  • Free trial to make sure it meets your needs, and no contracts or obligations

Want to get started? Go to Step #1 below, and download our templates...

This system was developed for clinics and hospitals that already have a anticoagulation management software system (other than INR Pro©), but would like to take advantage of our numerous reporting capabilities.

Some of our more popular reports include the Therapeutic Time in Range (TTR) Report by Patient, which calculates TTR using traditional, cross-section and Rosendaal methods. We also provide demographic information about your patient population, such as age, diagnosis type, and gender. You can also run reports to prioritize which patients are out of therapeutic range most often, how much variation do they have from test to test (capability), and what percentage of their visits are high or low from the therapeutic range.

We also offer filters on your uploaded data, so you can compare TTR results by patients, gender, primary diagnosis, secondary diagnosis, lab, physician, pharmacy, medication (Coumadin, Warfarin, Jantoven, etc), home self-testing, and up to three other factors of your choosing (custom to your needs).

To get started, download data from your current anticoagulation system, then download a template from Step #1 below. Re-format your data to match the template, then create a free account, upload your data, then run some reports. Once your data is uploaded and looks correct, then signup for a paid account to view the full reports with all your data.

Use the templates below to format your data for our system. Columns in red are required. Simply delete the sample data from the file. Copy your data into the file and save to your computer. Then proceed to step #2...
If you already have your data in the correct format, go to #2...

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Many reports to choose from

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Watch a video of how the system works. Video quality is a little grainy so change settings to highest resolution on Youtube and watch in full screen mode (you should be able to follow along with the clicks and annotations). If you would like a live demo, please contact us.

"I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to you for allowing me the use of the [reporting] software, and for you time in answering all my questions. The project would not have been possible without your help!" - Caoimhe Haughey, A retrospective study of the quality of warfarin control in atrial fibrillation patients as assessed by time in therapeutic range: A comparison of hospital anticoagulation clinic and GP monitored patients, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.


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Last updated: 3/28/2023