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Free Patient Anticoagulation Self-Testing Checklist

3/25/2010 - We have been seeing a rise in clinics and physicians who are moving their anticoagulation patients to self-testing, so we decided to compile a checklist, to help you determine which of your patients are ready.

We compiled our list from several different sources (with references listed). We also provide you with a description of each item, but simplified the key statements on one checklist sheet, for ease of use.

There are 10 items you should consider before deciding if a patient should start testing at home. Fill out the checklist for each patient under consideration, and add it to their medical records, to show evidence of your decision.

If you would like the Word version of this document for use in your internal procedures (so you can customize it), or if you have changes or enhancements, please contact us.

Download the checklist for free here >>>

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