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We have three different solutions to choose from:

  1. Web-based patient management: See prices below.
  2. Reports only: You upload your data to get our reports. More >>
  3. Outsourcing: We manage patients for you. More >>

How much does INR Pro© cost?

  • Monthly hosted software access...cost is per patient only (unlimited INRs)

Active Patients Cost per Active Patient
10-99* $2.00
100-249 $1.50
250-499 $1.25
500-999 $1.00
1000-1499 $0.75
1500+ $0.50
*Minimum monthly charges are $20 per month (10 patients)

Enter the number of patients below, to estimate the price per month...

patients = $ per month

*Training and Installation Fees

  • Remote software installation and training^.....FREE
  • On-site installation and training^.....$1000
^Training provided on software and Statistical Process Control (SPC)


  • Name/logo/color/field name changes and other minor changes....FREE
  • Custom reports and/or functionality enhancements.....$150/hour

Summary of Pricing

  • Option #1: Monthly Hosting - Remote hosting of software on our secure (SSL) servers paid monthly (see prices above). Receive all software updates for free. No setup fees (unless on-site training requested). Prior data uploads and integration, custom logo, colors, and any other minor modifications included in setup. Daily backup of database. Perfect for new or small clinics. No max limit on number of patients. First month free (unless onsite training requested).

  • Option #2: Purchase Software - One-time payment - Installation of software on your server and intranet. Software upgrades and updated versions can be purchased for only $250 each year. No setup fee (unless requested to provide on-site training for travel and expenses). Prior data uploads and integration, custom logo, colors, field names, and any other minor modifications for free. Ideal for larger clinics with 500+ patients, or clinics who prefer to host files.

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Not sure it is worth the money? If you need help justifying the purchase, consider the following...

  • Monthly price of $ is equivalent to about 5 hours of staff labor per month (1-2 hours per week)
  • Improved efficiency will require less people to manage the same number of patients (or manage more patients with the same number of employees)
  • Improved customer satisfaction with faster reviews of test results, so patients find out sooner if they are in range or need immediate adjustments
  • Improved record keeping which allows more sound decision making on adjustments, and record retention to review prior decisions
  • Improved charting of historical INR results, to better identify abnormal conditions which might not warrant dose changes
  • Improved reporting which prioritize areas of concern to drive improvements to specific patients or clinic processes and training
  • Improved scheduling to optimize clinic resources each day
  • Improved patient adherence with dosage tracking, missed appointment notification, and updating of annual referrals
  • Improved efficiency in contacting patients with mailing list downloads for clinic updates, birthday cards, patient satisfaction surveys, etc.