Helping manage anticoagulation patients for over 19 years

INR Pro© helps you securely and cost-effectively manage your patients on coumadin through the web, to prevent readmissions and sentinel events.

No more paperwork and missed visits. Become more organized and gain control over the patients, their INR test results, and their dosages.

For using our service, you get:

  • Daily tracking of who hasn't tested today, and who is scheduled in the future
  • Easy to read charts, graphs and analysis about individual patients or the entire patient population, to make the best decisions about dosing and clinic performance.
  • Easy access for physicians, patients, nurses and labs

The goal of INR Pro is simple: Protect your patients!

We deliver through the following features: patient email reminders of upcoming visits, system reminders of overdue and missed visits, historical trending and statistical analysis (for better dosage adjustments), quality reporting to better manage clinic and staff performance (process cycle times), and HIPAA-compliance software to protect patient information.

We have three solutions to choose from:

full web-based coumadin anticoagulation patient management system
The full package, manage your own patients and generate reports
reporting system for use with another software you already own
Use your current system with our advanced reports
outsource management of patient self-testing and reimbursement
Let our partners manage the test and reimbursements
pdf (1K)Download INR Pro Reports Handout, showing all our reports on 2 PDF pages >>>

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Watch a video of our new Reporting System, for those who want access to our reports, but already have an existing software system.

Already have an INR software system, but want to use our reports? Try out the new INR Pro© Reporting System. Just upload an Excel file from your system, and you'll have access to many of our charts, graphs and statistical analysis. Learn more >>

Why do I need INR Pro© for my clinic, hospital, or practice?

  • Satisfies the new 2008 requirement (#3E) within JCAHO's National Patient Safety Goals: Reduce the likelihood of patient harm associated with the use of anticoagulation therapy.
    • As of October 1, 2008, the expectation states that pilot testing in at least one clinical unit should be under way, and should be compliant by January 1st, 2009. Specifically, INR Pro© can help address the following implementation expectations: A1, C4, A5, C9, C10, A11.
  • Satisfies National Quality Forum Safe Practices, #18. Utilize dedicated anti-thrombotic (anticoagulation) services that facilitate coordinated care management
  • Hospitals are becoming more accountable for the costs associates with re-admissions from coumadin patient hospitalizations and ER visits. Having a program to monitor those patients for the next 30 days can prevent at least one re-admission, saving thousands of dollars a month.

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Who can access INR Pro© within your healthcare system?

The system has 4 different access options for those involved in the Warfarin management process.

  1. Clinic Administrators: majority of functionality above, allows edit/add/delete of patient information and test results
  2. Patients: allows access to patients to input their home-testing results online or by phone-in service, download training materials, and view their historical INR results
  3. Physicians: allows access to only their patient results and charts, and provides email functionality back to administrator (to make changes)
  4. Labs: allows entering of test results with patient medical record number, which will instantly notify administrator of results needing review within the system

Physicians, do you want us to manage your patients for you, using our telephone version?

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