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9/2/2011 - We have recently partnered with Alternative Health Care, Inc. to provide our charting, notification and tracking system to their Patient Self Testing service.

The service is geared towards small clinics and physician groups that want to properly manage their patients on Coumadin/warfarin, but may not have the resources to do so.

It enables physicians to better manage their patients by utilizing home PT/INR monitoring for chronic, oral anticoagulation management. The home monitoring uses the same simple, reliable meters that are proven in professional point-of-care settings. They are cleared for home use by the FDA and have been extensively evaluated for accuracy and precision.

Patients will be given a meter, a supply of special PT/INR test strips, and a lancet device. Prior to home use, they will receive personal instruction on how to perform the test and must demonstrate that they are able to complete a self-test without difficulty.

The service receives INR levels from self-testing patients each week by one of three methods; Personal Attendant Communication, Automated Voice Interactive Telephone System, or WEB enabled Secure Input.

Here are some additional features:

  • immediately creates a report and forwards it to your office either by fax, e-mail or secure website access.
  • alerts physicians office if test results are out of therapeutic range so that physician can quickly contact patients for dosage adjustments or other advice as required
  • prompts patient when tests are missed to support compliance with physician orders.

For more information about their service, you can visit their website at

INR Pro - patient anticoagulation tracking systemIf you would like to take advantage of these features with INR Pro, try our demo, or contact us for more information.