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Self-Testing options with INR Pro

We are getting a lot of interest from self-testing patient management services to integrate our system with their new or existing virtual clinics.

Patients self-testing at home can provide their INR results into our system in three ways:

  • Use call-in phone service with automated prompts. Phone responses are captured by third-party processor, and data is securely sent to our system for processing.
  • Patient directly logs into system from home (using ID and password), and enters INR result, which immediately processes the data into system.
  • Patient calls your company directly, and you manually enter the INR result into the system for your patient.

When the results reach our system, we process the INR result based upon settings established for each physician. They can receive notification for any result (regardless of INR value), any result outside of their recommended therapeutic range (such as 2.0-3.0), or any adverse event (such as INRs > 5.0). Notifications can be emailed or faxed to physician.

Billing notifications can also be established for eligible reimbursements for CMS codes G0248, G0249 and G0250. Notifications can also be faxed or emailed to billing contacts, if different than physician contact.

Contact us to discuss further. Some customization will likely be involved, since most virtual management services operate slightly differently.